150+ Lash Quotes For Beautiful Eyes

“Step into a world where every flutter of the lash tells a story, where eyes become canvases for expression, and where beauty meets artistry. In this collection of over 150 lash quotes, we delve into the transformative power of lashes – from subtle enhancements to bold statements – each quote a testament to the allure and mystique they bring. Whether you’re a lash enthusiast, a makeup artist, or simply intrigued by the magic behind every blink, prepare to be captivated by the words that celebrate the beauty of lashes in all their forms.”

Best Lash Quotes

1. “Eyes that speak volumes need lashes that roar.”

Best Lash Quotes 1

2. “Warning: Excessive compliments on your eyelashes may occur.”

3. “Self-care starts with Lashes.”

4. “Long lashes, short problems.”

5. “Tears may fall, but lashes stand strong against the storm.”

Best Lash Quotes 2

6. “Mondays may be rough, but my lashes are always smooth.”

7. “Blink, and let your lashes dance with grace.”

8. “Wing it with your liner, slay it with your lashes.”

9. “Why cry over spilled mascara when you can laugh with flawless lashes?”

10. “Lashes up, worries down.”

Best Lash Quotes 3

11. “My therapist says I need to express myself. So here are my lashes.”

12. “Mess with my lashes, and you’ll be batting away regrets!”

13. “Lashes are like a hug for your eyes. They make you feel secure and beautiful.”

14. “Dare to stare, I’ve got the flair.”

15. “Lashes: because mascara can’t handle this queen.”

Best Lash Quotes 4

16. “Coffee can’t fix everything, but a fresh lash set definitely comes close.”

17. “Mondays got you down? Fake it ’til you make it with a killer lash look.”

18. “Skip the mascara, rock the lashes.”

19. “Confidence is the best makeup, but a little lash love never hurts.”

Best Lash Quotes 5

20. “Who needs wings when you have lashes?”

21. “If loving your lashes is a crime, we plead guilty.”

22. “Be the CEO of your lashes. Empowerment looks fabulous on you!”

23. “Filters are great, but lashes are better.”

Best Lash Quotes 6

24. “You get your lashes done and suddenly everything will be okay.”

25. “Give them something to stare at.”

Eye-conic Lashes Quotes

26. “Be as bold as your Lashes.”

27. “Lashes so good, they could win an eye-conic award.”

Eye-conic Lashes Quote 1

28. “Lashes make everything better.”

29. “Lashes are always a good idea”

30. “Keep your lashes long and your standards high.”

31. “All you need is Lashes.”

32. “Lashes so long I can’t see my haters”

Eye-conic Lashes Quote 2

33. “Lashes are a girl’s best friend.”

34. “With great Lashes anything is possible.”

35. “What a beautiful day to Lash.”

36. “The only drama I need is my Lashes.”

37. “My drug of choice? Lashes.”

Eye-conic Lashes Quote 3

38. “When anyone asks what my love language is, I literally just say lashes.”

39. “Mondays are easier, thanks to my lashes.”

40. “I’ve had 99 problems, and lashes solved 95 of them.”

41. “If my lashes aren’t done I’m not going.”

42. “The only ex I need is ex-tra money for my lashes.”

Eye-conic Lashes Quote 4

43. “I’m not perfect, but my lashes are.”

44. “Short lashes are like Mondays – nobody wants them.”

45. “Is it just me, or do lashes literally make you the best version of yourself?”

46. “A lash nap is the best nap to ever exist. 10/10 for sure.”

47. “If you’re sad, just go get your lashes done.”

Eye-conic Lashes Quote 5

48. “Girls don’t cry, because your lash artist worked too hard on this.”

49. “Everything in moderation—except lashes.”

50. “Lashes are the little black dress of the eye.”

Lash Quotes for Instagram

51. “Warning: May get lost in my lashes. Enter at your own risk.”

Lash Quote for Instagram Picture

52. “Lashes are the wings that make your eyes fly.”

53. “Feeling like a queen? Don’t forget the crown (of lashes).”

54. “Mascara is cool, but lashes are cooler.”

55. “Good mood, good lashes, good day.”

Lash Quote for Instagram Picture 1

56. “My lashes are like a magic trick – they make everything look better with a single blink.”

57. “Lash extensions and nails will always be included in my budget.”

58. “Lashes are like happiness – you can’t fake them.”

59. “In a world full of basic, be lash-tastic.”

60. “Weekend vibes: minimal effort, maximum lashes.”

Lash Quote for Instagram Picture 2

61. “Eyes speak louder than words, but lashes scream.”

62. “Who needs a filter when you have killer lashes?”

63. “Laughing until my lashes fall off.

64. “Sorry mascara, you’ve been replaced by a lash boss.”

65. “Empowered women empower their lashes.”

Lash Quote for Instagram Picture 3

66. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Nah, these lashes are.”

67. “Sassy, classy, and a bit lash-assy.”

68. “Long lashes, short patience.”

69. “Lashes are my secret weapon for feeling fabulous.”

Lash Extension Quotes

70. “Warning: Lash extensions may cause excessive confidence and sassiness. Proceed with caution!”

Lash Extension Quote (1)

71. “Lash extensions: because life’s too short for mascara drama.”

72. “Short on time? Lash extensions are the long game that wins every time.”

73. “Inner beauty is great – but Lash Extensions Never Hurt.”

74. “Not just extensions, but extensions of the very essence of you.”

Lash Extension Quote 1

75. “Flutter away the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary with lash extensions.”

76. “Empower your eyes with the magic of lash extensions.”

77. “Lash extensions: the perfect accessory for every occasion.”

78. “Lashes are the jewelry of the face, and extensions are the perfect diamonds.”

79. “With lash extensions, every wink is a win.”

Lash Extension Quote 2

80. “Sorry, mascara. You’ve been replaced by a lash extension obsession.”

81. “Lash extensions: the only drama I enjoy in my life.”

82. “Lash extensions: your daily reminder that good things take time.”

83. “Lash extensions: the ultimate cheat code for fabulous eyes.

Lash Extension Quote 3

84. “Confidence boost? Lash extensions have entered the chat.”

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85. “Lash extensions: the ultimate eye-opener.”

Positive Lash Quotes

86. “My lashes are the wings that lift my soul to greater heights.”

87. “Invest in lashes, they’ll never disappoint.”

Positive Lash Quote

88. “Life is better with a little lash lift.”

89. “May your lashes be a reflection of the beauty within your soul.”

90. “Keep calm and flutter on – long lashes solve everything.”

91. “Open your eyes to endless possibilities.”

Positive Lash Quote 1

92. “Every blink is a chance to start fresh, let your lashes flutter with hope.”

93. “Let your lashes do the talking.”

94. “Lashes are the crowns of your eyes.”

95. “A little lash love goes a long way for a big smile.”

96. “Confidence is the ultimate eye makeup, and lashes can help tell the world you have it.”

Positive Lash Quote 2

97. “Life throws shade, but these lashes will always keep it sunny.”

98. “Lashes on point, worries on mute.”

99. “Today’s forecast: 100% chance of fluttery lashes and sunshine.”

100. “As you bat those lashes, remember: you’re capable of anything.”

Positive Lash Quote 3

101. “With great lashes, comes great confidence.”

102. “Stay positive, but make sure your lashes are positive too.”

Funny Lash Quotes

103. “Warning: May cause excessive compliments and jealous stares.”

104. “My lashes are like windshield wipers for bad vibes.”

Funny Lash Quote

105. “Lashes so good, they’ll make you cry tears of joy.”

106. “Lashes longer than my patience in traffic.”

107. “My lashes are like antennas, picking up signals from the universe.”

108. “Lashes are an investment. In looking fabulous, obviously.”

109. “I woke up like this? More like I woke up 3 hours early for this.”

Funny Lash Quote 1

110. “Some flutter with wings, I flutter with lashes.”

111. “Lashes so long, every time I blink, I high-five the universe.”

112. “My bank account may cry, but my lashes are fly.”

113. “My lashes are like tiny umbrellas – protecting my eyes from all the haters!”

Funny Lash Quote 2

114. “Mess with me, and I’ll bat my lashes at you!”

115. “My therapist says I need to blink more. My lashes disagree.”

116. “Diet? Exercise? Nah, I’m focusing on achieving lash perfection.”

117. “My eyes may say “I’m tired,” but my lashes scream “Flawless!”

118. “Lashes so long, I can fly away from my responsibilities.”

Funny Lash Quote 3

119. “My lash has a better grip on life than I do most days.”

120. “If you can’t see my lashes from space, I’m not done yet.”

121. “Lashes so long, I almost flew away.”

Pink Lash Quotes

122. “Life’s too short for boring lashes. Go pink, make a wink!”

Pink Lash Quote

123. “Be bold and bright, pink lashes make everything alright!”

124. “Pink lashes: because ordinary is boring.”

125. “Pink lashes ain’t shy, they’ll catch every eye!”

126. “Pink on my nails? Been there. Pink on my lashes? Now that’s next level.”

Pink Lash Quote 1

127. “Feeling fierce with a flutter of pink, my eyes say it all, don’t blink!”

128. “Not afraid to be different, these pink lashes show my unique style.”

129. “A little pink on my lashes, a big boost of confidence in my heart.”

130. “Why blend in when you were born to stand out with pink lashes?”

131. “Pinky promise these lashes are gonna slay.”

Pink Lash Quote 2

132. “They say happiness comes in waves, I say it comes in pink lash sways!”

133. “Warning: Pink Lash may cause sudden urges to wink at strangers.”

134. “My eyes are whispering secrets, but my lashes are screaming PINK.”

135. “Sassy, classy, and a bit pink lash-y.”

Pink Lash Quote 3

136. “In a world of monochrome, be a bold stroke of pink.”

137. “Pink lashes are not just a look; they’re a lifestyle.”

Cute Lash Quotes

138. “Wake up, blink, be cute, repeat.”

139. “Warning: May cause heart flutters due to extreme lash cuteness.”

Cute Lash Quote

140. “Blink twice if you’re fabulous.”

141. “Lashes on fleek, confidence at peak.”

142. “My spirit animal? A majestic butterfly with killer lashes, obviously.”

143. “Lashes so cute, even my mirror gets flirty.”

144. “Let your lashes do the talking, and they’ll always say ‘cute’.”

Cute Lash Quote 1

145. “Why be ordinary when you can be cute with every blink?”

146. “Lashes so fine, they commit the perfect crime of stealing hearts.”

147. “Warning: staring at these lashes may cause instant happiness!”

148. “With great lashes comes great responsibility… to be adorable!”

Cute Lash Quote 2

149. “Feeling cute, might bat my lashes later. IDK.”

150. “Don’t worry, be flirty – with my lashes, of course.”

151. “My lashes are so fly, they need a first class ticket.”

152. “Life is too short for short lashes.”

153. “Fake it ’til you make it? Nah, these lashes are the real deal.”

Cute Lash Quote 3

154. “Self-care starts with a killer lash appointment.”

155. “Double, double toil and trouble; My lashes lookin’ fine and subtle.”

Lash Quotes: Bonus

  • “Warning: May cause excessive compliments on your gorgeous eyes.”
  • “Behind every great lash is a girl who’s ready to slay.”

Lash Quotes Bonus

  • “Bat those lashes like you mean it! Confidence looks good on you.
  • “Short lashes, long nights.”
  • “Lash now, worry later!”
  • “May your day be as great as your Lashes.”
  • “Life is short. Get the lashes. You deserve to blink beautifully.”

Lash Quotes Bonus 1 (1)

  • “Don’t just dream it, lash it.”
  • “Lashes make women look and feel more beautiful and confident.”
  • “Bold lashes, bold moves.”


As we draw the curtains on this exploration of lash quotes, may you carry with you the essence of beauty, confidence, and artistry that each quote embodies. From the flutter of a lash to the depth of expression it conveys, remember that in every blink lies a story waiting to be told. Let these words serve as a reminder of the transformative power that beauty holds and the boundless creativity it inspires. As you continue your journey, may your lashes be a canvas for your innermost dreams and desires, painting the world with every gaze.


What should I caption my lash post?

Funny: “Woke up like this… with fabulous lashes, of course!”
Confident: “Lashes so good, they deserve a standing ovation.”
Informative: “Feeling lash-tactic with this stunning set by @[lash tech’s IG handle]!” (if applicable)

What is a good lash slogan?

Catchy: “Lash on the side, please!”
Empowering: “Lashes are the window to the soul, so let them shine!”
Luxurious: “Life is too short for bad eyelashes!”

What should I put in my eyelash bio?

Short & Sweet: “Lashes & [something you love].”
Descriptive: “Obsessed with all things lashes! Here for lash tips, inspo, and my lash journey.”
Call to Action: “Book your dream lashes with me! [link to booking].”

What do you say to lash tech?

Consultation: “This is my first time getting extensions, can you recommend a style for my eye shape?”
During Appointment: “These feel so comfortable, thank you!”
Aftercare: “Do you have any aftercare tips to keep my lashes lasting?”

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