70 Best Karma Quotes Funny 2024

Discover hilarious karma quotes that tickle your funny bone! Explore witty and humorous insights on karma in this collection of funny quotes.

Embark on a laughter-filled journey with our collection of funny karma quotes! From witty quips to humorous insights, explore the lighter side of karmic justice that will leave you smiling. Get ready to embrace the joy of humor with our curated selection of amusing karma quotes.

Karma Quotes Funny

Karma Quotes Funny 1

  • “I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes. She gave me a hug.”

Karma Quotes Funny 2

  • “Karma is like a boomerang. You throw that sassy attitude out there, and it’s coming back.”

Karma Quotes Funny 3

  • “I asked Karma, ‘Why me?’ She replied, ‘Why not?'”

Karma Quotes Funny 4

  • “I used to be a people person, but then people ruined it. Thanks, karma.”

Karma Quotes Funny 5

  • “Karma is just God’s way of saying, ‘And you thought you were getting away with it.'”

Karma Quotes Funny 6

  • “If karma doesn’t hit you, I gladly will.”

Karma Quotes Funny 7

  • “I’m not saying I believe in karma, but I secretly hope it’s keeping notes.”

Karma Quotes Funny 8

  • “Karma is like a credit card: if you keep maxing it out, eventually you’re going to get declined.”

Karma Quotes Funny 9

  • “I don’t believe in revenge, but I do believe in karma. So, if you mess with me, just remember: karma’s got a long memory.”

Karma Quotes Funny 10

Short Karma Quotes Funny

Short Karma Quotes Funny 1

  • “I’m not saying I hope you stub your toe, but karma has a funny way of working…” – Unknown

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Short Karma Quotes Funny 2

  • “The only reason some people aren’t afraid of karma is because they haven’t pissed it off yet.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 3

  • “Karma is like a slow cooker. It takes time, but eventually, it gets what it’s after.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 4

  • “I may not always get what I deserve, but the people around me sure do.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 5

  • “The best revenge is to live well. Just make sure to send the bill to karma.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 6 a

  • “Don’t worry, karma is like a boomerang. It may take a while, but it always comes back.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 7

  • “I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but I’m pretty sure karma is writing a book about me.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 8

  • “The only difference between karma and me is that I have better hair.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 9

  • “If you can’t be kind, at least be funny. Karma will appreciate it.” – Unknown

Short Karma Quotes Funny 10

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships

  • “Karma’s like that ex who keeps popping up on your Facebook: always reminding you of past mistakes.”

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships 1

  • “Dating tip: be nice. Or karma will send you on a blind date with your ex’s mom.”

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships 2

  • “Cheating is like stealing Wi-Fi: the connection might be good, but the karma is terrible.”

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships 3

  • “Relationship status: complicated with karma. It keeps throwing mixed signals like ‘good riddance’ and ‘oh you thought’?”

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships 4

  • “My love life is like a telenovela: dramatic, messy, and full of unexpected twists from karma.”

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships 5

  • “My ex said I was ‘high maintenance.’ Now they’re dating someone who needs a whole maintenance crew. Thanks, karma!”

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships 6

  • “Ghosting someone is like throwing shade at the sun. Sure, you might feel cool for a second, but karma’s gonna roast you.”

Karma Quotes Funny Relationships 7

Bad Karma Quotes Funny

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 1

  • “I haven’t done anything bad… except maybe that one time I wished all my enemies a parking ticket on a rainy day. But that was just a THOUGHT, karma!”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 2

  • “My biggest fear isn’t death, it’s karma remembering all the terrible jokes I’ve told in my life.”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 3

  • “I’m pretty sure karma is running late. Or maybe it got lost in all the bad decisions I’ve made? Oh no, don’t tell me it used my GPS! We’re all doomed.”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 4

  • “If karma is a mirror, I need to invest in some serious interior decorating.”

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Bad Karma Quotes Funny 5

  • “Is it bad karma to laugh when someone trips and spills their entire latte on themselves? Asking for a friend. (It was me, I tripped.)”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 6

  • “Karma, if you’re listening, can we negotiate? Can I offer a lifetime supply of awkward silences instead of whatever payback you have planned?”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 7

  • “I believe in karma, but sometimes I think it needs to hire a better PR team. Getting hit by a rogue pigeon isn’t exactly good publicity.”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 8

  • “My bank account: proof that karma has a terrible sense of humor.”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 9

  • “If I had a nickel for every time I dodged karma, I’d be rich enough to bribe it into leaving me alone.”

Bad Karma Quotes Funny 10

Karma Quotes Funny Bible

Karma Quotes Funny Bible 1

  • “Blessed are the cheesemakers, for they shall inherit the curds (and maybe even get back at the sheep who ate their grapes).”

Karma Quotes Funny Bible 2

  • “Forgive your enemies, but keep your receipts. You never know when karma might want to do some double-entry bookkeeping.”

Karma Quotes Funny Bible 3

  • “Judge not, lest ye be judged…but feel free to offer helpful suggestions on improving one’s sandal-tripping technique.”

Karma Quotes Funny Bible 4

  • “Cast thy bread upon the waters, and it shall return to thee…hopefully not soaked in a jealous neighbor’s pond.”

Karma Quotes Funny Bible 5

  • “Seek ye first the kingdom of karma, and all the good deeds shall be added unto thee (after a bit of cosmic waiting period, of course).”

Karma Quotes Funny Bible 6


So there you have it, a treasure trove of karma quotes guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and nudge you toward the sunnier side of life. Remember, while the universe might have a mischievous gleam in its eye, it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if we didn’t laugh along. So embrace the unexpected twists, sprinkle your world with kindness, and let karma dish out the cosmic giggles. After all, life’s a stage, and with a bit of humor, even the cosmic pratfalls can turn into standing ovations. Keep it light, keep it kind, and most importantly, keep laughing – because trust me, karma’s got the punchline written in the stars.

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